Machine washable 100% polyester


Palzees Double Pocket Waterproof Bags are a great way to keep your baby stuff with you on the go. Each bag features two separate zippered compartments to keep wet diapers sealed away from dry diapers. The easy-snap loop handle makes it easy to attach the diaper bag to a stroller. When your child no longer needs to wear diapers, the bag is very useful as a waterproof cary-all for snacks, toys, clothes, and more.

Double Pocket Diaper Bag

    • Machine washable warm.
    • Do not bleach!
    • Do not iron!
    • No fabric softeners!


    Machine wash in warm water (up to 35°C/95°F) and tumble dry on the low heat setting or line dry.


    Hanging outside in natural sunlight saves energy and also helps remove about any stubborn stains!


    Caution: Ironing or using bleach, fabric softeners or other chemicals will likely destroy the diaper bag and may cause harm to your child. Do not iron, bleach, or use fabric softeners with these products.


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